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Do you need emergency money but not sure where to turn? California Car title loans are a fast and easy way to get the cash without bad credit getting in your way.

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California car title loans


California Car Title loans


California Car Title Loans


Everyone faces a time where something unexpected happens, and you need some financial support that you weren’t prepared for. Californians are no different, and the need for quick cash can turn you towards getting a loan. Banks are often unsympathetic and unwilling to dispense any sort of loan; especially their requirement for good credit or a minimum income is too much for you. Instead of turning to a bank, California Car Title Loans are the perfect option. You are able to acquire instant cash without compromising emergency funds or selling off valuable assets.


The Value of Your Car


Generally speaking, California Car Title Loans analyze the equity value of your car and will be used to determine if you will qualify for the loan. The equity of the vehicle will also help determine the amount you are able to borrow. One thing to note is you must completely own your vehicle, so if you’re on a lease or you’re still making payments towards the car, your loan can’t be approved. However, if you do own the vehicle out-right, California Car Title Loans will accept motorcycles, trucks, RV’s and all types of cars. When applying, you must reside legally in the state of California, and the minimum age for loan approval is 18.

Have Your Information Ready


When applying for California Car Title Loans, the process will be much simpler if you have all of your information on hand. You should have your driver’s license, sin number and all pertinent information on the vehicle, including model, year and how many miles you’ve put on the car. Financial information required includes your yearly income and if you have any outstanding debts from previous loans.


One of the biggest detractors for people applying for loans are their bad credit scores. California Car Title Loans are thankfully not dependent on having a good credit score, as they usually don’t require a credit check. You will need to have a source of income, and if it happens to be low, it will be more difficult to be approved for a car title loan. However, you will not be exempted from the loan because of a low source of income, so never give up. When exchanging your car title for a loan, remember that your car is now collateral. You will temporarily surrender the vehicle title to the lender for the loan amount. This is to ensure the lender will get a return on the loan. You will be able to keep driving your car, as long as your loan payments are on time. Giving up the title of the car does not mean you are selling it or giving it away.


Loan Ranges


California Car Title Loans typically range from $2,000 to as high as $25,000. This is all dependent on the value of your car. Lenders will generally require that your car’s value is no less than $2,000. Credible lenders will also help you create a detailed plan for paying the loan off, which is important because California Car Title Loans have higher interest rates than average.


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