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Regardless of your credit, Velocity Car Title Loans will help you find the best rates.

We offer a variety of car title loans based on the equity in your car or we can base it simply on your credit score. If your car is paid off or almost paid off you may have equity which would qualify for car title loans also known as an auto equity loan. The beauty is you get to keep your car.


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Velocity Title Loans understands that no matter how much you plan financially, there are unforeseen circumstances that will ruin a person or a family, and if that happens, being able to get cash in a quick and legal fashion is important….which is where we come in.


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We understand the need for CASH and GOOD CREDIT. That is why we offer the following services to our clients.


Car title loans are a great way for someone to get fast cast and use the their car title as equity. Typically in a title loan you qualify for up to 85% of the equity you have in your car.


Helping you understand the status of your loans and  through the process of consolidation, rehabilitation and enrollment for these programs through education, guidance and counseling.


Velocity Credit Repair has been helping consumers protect their identity and clean their credit files since 2001 with all three of the credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.


Get Approved & Funded Quickly | Simple & Hassle Free Business Loans & Financing.  Won’t Impact Your Credit. Qualify in 2 Minutes. Fast & Easy Process. Apply Today.


If you are tired of being ignored, cast aside, and turned away by traditional lenders because of a few financial missteps in your credit history – you have come to the right place.


Every customer is important to us. We pride ourselves on customer service and are constantly working to improve the way in which we help our clients with their needs.

  Car Title Loans Will Get You The Cash You Need And Help You Build Your Credit

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Do you need emergency money but not sure where to turn? Car title loans are a fast and easy way to get the cash without bad credit getting in your way.

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Benefits of a Car Title Loan

Benefits of a Car Title Loan 

Whether you need to pay down some student loan debt or credit card debt, a car title loan will give you the cash you need today. There are many benefits to obtaining a car title loan has to offer you today. If you own your car outright with no liens on the title by banks or other entities, you can continue to drive your car. All you have to do to get your cash in hand is give the car title lender your actual paper document. You will have cash in hand within minutes with a car title loan. If you have tried to get loans from banks or other lending facilities and failed. A car title loan may offer you an alternative for those with Poor or no credit issues,

The Risk

A car title loan comes with the same risks as normal car loans and is similar to a home equity loan. You give the title lending company your cars title as collateral for a secured loan. Similar to taking out a loan on a home’s equity. The title loan lender puts a lien on the title in exchange for cash. When you repay the loan, the lien is removed.

Sort Term Solution

Car title loans are normally very short term secured loans. Title loans offer the person needing funds now an avenue to obtain a loan when no other lending service can provide the quick cash needed to pay the rent or mortgage before your out in the streets. They are a secured loan because they use your car’s title as collateral. They normally run a few weeks in length and give you the cash you need today and offer less risk than their counterparts of payday loans. The interest rates are lower than payday loans and do not run the risk of rolling over funds for a longer period of time.

Less Risk

When you take out a car title loan, there are no extra risks involved other than those inherent in the actual conventional vehicle loans of today. With a conventional car loan, you run the risk of repossession if you default on the loan. Car title loans are no different. When taking a car title loan, keep in mind the ability you have of paying off the loan timely. Do not run into extending the loan as it will just put added interest rates.

If you need cash in hand now, any car title loan will get you cash in hand in minutes. You are entering into a secured loan and run no more risk than a normal car loan but do not have the burden of years of monthly payments.

Best Car title loan

Best Car Title loans

Best Car Title loans are what you need if you think that you are suffering from bad credit score and no person will help you in financial crises, then you are wrong. You can take the help of financial schemes of the financial lenders available in ISA in an unorganized way. They can issue you money at easy terms and conditions. One of them is car title loans for people with bad credit scheme. Means, if you are not having reasonable well credit score, then you can take the help of this financial scheme if you have a car and you are ready to transfer the title to the lender for the time being. This scheme is best for those people who have handsome income structure but does not have good saving habits. That’s why they get poor credit score very easily and quite often.

What are Best Car Title loans about?

The Best Car Title loans for people with bad credit scheme is a scheme in which are supposed to transfer the title of the car to the lender only for the period in which amount has been given to you. But still, the possession of the car lies with you. The financial lender will use this title as a security of the money borrowed. Once you repay this money, the title is returned back to you. Apart from this, you must be an adult USA citizen in order to be eligible for the scheme. If your personal income is more than 1500 bucks then the lender will approve the scheme in a few minutes. The process of the scheme is very easy and it starts with the help of internet. You need to visit the website of the lender. Then you need to find and complete the application form. After completing the application form carefully, you need to make sure that you have gone through the terms of the scheme. Then submit this scheme to the lender. The lender will go through your application form and will transfer the funds immediately. You can return the money on the payday. You need to disclose the details of bank account security number and other document items of the title of the car.

What are Best Car Title loans?

Best Car Title loans arte a short term loan that can be obtained using your car, motorcycle, boat, truck, or another vehicle as collateral. In this process, you need hand over the title of your car to your title lender and in exchange, receive cash. Then the loan must be paid back using periodic, payment method. After you make all the payments, you get the papers back to your car and get to keep it.

Collateral: Best Car Title loans

Collateral is a term that is referred to what is used to obtain Best Car Title loans. For these car title loan your car, motorcycle, truck, boat, or other vehicle is collateral. You don’t actually hand over your vehicle though. There is nothing more than Just the paperwork. You don’t need to give your car anywhere. You can pay for it as well as keep your car with you. For such kind of loans, if you do not make your payments on time, you will lose your collateral.

Borrower: Best Car Title loans

The person who is obtaining the Best Car Title loans is the borrower. That would be you. There is a “pink slip” that you hand over to your title lending officer. This is going to be your final title paperwork. In some areas, these are also called “Pink Slip Loans.”

Repossession: Best Car Title loans

When your car or other vehicle is taken from you is known as repossession. This acts as a legal right of the lending company to take your vehicle in case you don’t make payments on time and in the proper amount. Thus it is extremely crucial to understand when your payments are due and be sure you can pay your Best Car Title loans off on time.

Interest Rate: Best Car Title loans

The interest rate is referred to as the percentage of money that is paid. It’s added to the principal amount of how much you owe your title lender. This can be calculated by dividing the amount of interest by the amount of principle.

Short-Term Loan: Best Car Title loans

The short types of Best Car Title loans, are taken for 30 days or less. These type of loans usually takes this length of time, which means you have to pay them off very quickly to avoid penalties.

Payday Lending: Best Car Title loans

Often times the last two weeks for the Best Car Title loans but the interest rate can be as high as 400 percent. It is similar to car title loans, laws vary from state to state to state and so do the protections you’re entitled to. There are currently 17 states that have interest rate caps on payday lending. It’s best to do your research and understand the laws in your state before pursuing this type of loan. If your officer isn’t forthcoming, find a new one.



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