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Regardless of your credit, Velocity Car Title Loans in Santa Barbara will help you find the best rates.

We offer a variety of car title loans based on the equity in your car or we can base it simply on your credit score. If your car is paid off or almost paid off you may have equity which would qualify for car title loans also known as an auto equity loan. The beauty is you get to keep your car.


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Fast Santa Barbara Auto Title Loans

Velocity Title Loans understands that no matter how much you plan financially, there are unforeseen circumstances that will ruin a person or a family, and if that happens, being able to get cash in a quick and legal fashion is important….which is where we come in.


Flexible Repayment Terms with No Prepayment Penalties If you would prefer to pay weekly, or every two weeks — that’s great!


Speak with our loan experts. They will guide you in getting the money you need for as cheap as possible.


We understand that your financial transactions are nobodies business. We are 100% confidential.


Our rates are significantly lower than other lenders, including TitleMax and Loanmax, making our loans a fraction of the cost.


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We understand the need for CASH and GOOD CREDIT. That is why we offer the following services to our clients.


Car title loans are a great way for someone to get fast cast and use the their car title as equity. Typically in a title loan you qualify for up to 85% of the equity you have in your car.


Helping you understand the status of your loans and  through the process of consolidation, rehabilitation and enrollment for these programs through education, guidance and counseling.


Velocity Credit Repair has been helping consumers protect their identity and clean their credit files since 2001 with all three of the credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.


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If you are tired of being ignored, cast aside, and turned away by traditional lenders because of a few financial missteps in your credit history – you have come to the right place.


Every customer is important to us. We pride ourselves on customer service and are constantly working to improve the way in which we help our clients with their needs.

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Do you need emergency money but not sure where to turn? Santa Barbara Car title loans are a fast and easy way to get the cash without bad credit getting in your way.

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santa barbara car title loans


Santa Barbara title loans


Santa Barbara title Loans


santa barbara title loans

A Santa Barbara title loans are a loan that is collateralized by the title to your car, truck or another personal vehicle. It is a safe deferred payment arrangement. Instant Auto Title Loans, the leader among loan lending companies in the State of California, offers cash loans without considering credit rating, as its link up is with the title. The loan is often referred to as an Auto Title Loan, Car Title Loan or Pink Slip Loan.

Instant Auto Title Loans has a few requirements to qualify for a Santa Barbara title loans a clear and definite title, evidence of residency and income, and last but not least, age 18 or above. The car that you are keeping as a option has to be paid off or nearly paid off. Instant Auto Title Loans will put a maximum effort into approving you for an instant cash loan. You can begin the process Online or by Phone. The biggest advantage is that you get cash when you need it the most at the most earnest time. The interest rate attached to Auto Title Loans is higher, compared to the other loans, and in the State could range from 79% to as high as 120% (APR).


Santa Barbara Title Loans: Fast Cash For Your Car Title

Faster solutions to problems are what people look for. In these difficult times, you can only long for the best and quickest solution to your financial problems. It is no question that banks have become helpful to people for years but because of the recent events in the world economy, they have taken steps to secure their status and institution. It has become more difficult for people to borrow money from them. As a result, people are looking for other means to help them with these problems quick and easy.

Although Santa Barbara title loans have existed for several years, it is only now that people took notice of it-what it is, how it works and how beneficial it is to people. Car title loans only entail you to use the title of your car as security for your loan. The money you will be acquiring will depend on the value of your car. However, in such loans, you get to keep your car. It is only the title of your car which needs to be surrendered to the lender. Hence, a car title loan is considered a secured loan which makes it easier for people to avail because they need not have good credit performance to qualify for the loan. Unlike in banks where good credit performance has been required to get their loans approved, with such loans, surrendering the title of your car to the lender is enough.

As you dont have to review your credit, processing and approval of loans have become faster. It is probably the reason why it has gained popularity among people. Car title loan application is easy because it is made available online with simple requirements as well. Your loan can be approved in 24 hours or less. The latest you can get your Santa Barbara title loans approved is within 48 hours. Once you have been approved, you can immediately get your money on the same day as well.