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We offer a variety of car title loans based on the equity in your car or credit score. If you own a car you may qualify for a car title loan. The beauty is you get to keep your car.


Helping you understand the status of your loans and  through the process of consolidation, rehabilitation and enrollment for these programs through education, guidance and counseling.


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Why You Need a Fort Lauderdale, Florida Car Title Loan

It is normal for unexpected expenditure needs to crop up from time to time. Traditional lenders tend to be out of the question when it comes to accessing fast cash; this is where  car title loans come in. These loans are therefore more suitable for funding emergency cash needs. Furthermore, title loans come with lower interest rates as compared to payday loans. This makes them more appealing, especially to borrowers who have bad credit rating.

Read on below to find out more about  car title loans.

Why You Need a Fort Lauderdale, Florida Car Title Loan

Fort Lauderdale Car title loans is a life saver when it comes to accessing quick cash for emergency expenditure. Whether you need cash to fix your car or cover medical expenses, title loans offer a reliable source of funding. To get title loans, you only need to have clear ownership of your car. As such, borrowers do not need to worry about their credit record. Your car acts as collateral for the loan received; your credit score is not considered even when it comes to establishing the terms of the loan. This makes title loans highly appealing to people who have a bad credit rating but need to access cash for emergency purposes.

Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Car Title Loan Requirements

As previously mentioned above, to qualify for a car title loan you only need to have a clear ownership of your car. All applicants for  car title loans  must be over the age of 18. It is usually best for title loan applicant to have a source of regular income which can be used to repay the loan. Whether it’s a paycheck or any other periodical payment, it is best that you have a reliable source of cash to fund the repayment amount. Once you have all the necessary requirements in order, you can then fill out an application form and send it in for approval by your chosen Fort Lauderdale car title loans lender.

Managing your Title Loan

To ensure that you reap the benefits of  car title loans , it is best that you manage the repayments as best as you can. When applying for your car title loan, it is important that you enquire about the accepted repayment methods and repayment schedule. In most cases, you can make payments in cash or a variety of other convenient means. Defaulting on repayments means that you lose your car, it is, therefore, important that you make all payments on time.

Furthermore,  car title loans are meant to provide borrowers with a short-term source of funds. Repaying the debt as soon as possible not only means that you get your car title back but also translates into lower interest paid.

Fort Lauderdale Car Title Loans

Car Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale

Car Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale

Car title loans in Fort Lauderdale are mainly known to be taken during a sudden financial emergency, a auto title loans are a process of giving the ownership of your car title in exchange for a lump sum of money. In this process, you use the car as collateral, and in case you fail to return the money, they will recover it, by taking away your vehicle.

Car title loans in Fort Lauderdale is a pretty convenient option in terms of a loan, as you get to keep your car, while you continue to pay affordable EMIs until your debt is cleared. Not only does this help you during a financial crisis, but also allow you to regain control over your expenses.

Car Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale: Easy Approval

Car title loans in Fort Lauderdale is very easy to avail and you can get your loan approved and transferred to your account on the same day. The lender usually doesn’t do much background verification while lending the money, as they get the car as a guarantee. However, they DO need few basic documents like car titles papers, income and residential proof and a valid driving license.

But even though it is very easy to say, but people often get confused about how to go about the entire procedure. Taking a loan is a big step as it involves keeping an asset and a lot of money at stake. So whether it’s a medical emergency, money for buying a new house, for a wedding or any other reason, get your car title loans in Fort Lauderdale in just five easy steps.

Car Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale: You can apply online or in person:

There are various sites that give car title loans in Fort Lauderdale . You will the option of “Apply Now” and get started right away. You can even talk to the lender in [person and get things done. These loans take a maximum of seven days to process. However, in some cases, you can even get it on the same day.

There are often chat features in these online sites, where the customer support will talk to you to get an insight of the amount of loan you are looking for, and they will also guide you with the initial process after that.

Car Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale: Get an estimate before approval

Once the lenders call you to continue the procedure of car title loans in Fort Lauderdale , know about the different amounts and interest rates, to understand which one will be the best for you. Different loan amount has different interest rates, as well as different time periods for repaying the money. You need to understand your affordability before you go about any one of the plans.

Car Title Loans: Get all the documents.

Car title loans don’t require a lot of paper works but keep the basic ones handy so that you can submit them whenever needed.

Keep the pictures of your car

The looks of the car are very important while taking car title loans in Fort Lauderdale The newer it will look, the faster the money you will get. Clean your car thoroughly before you go for taking the loan. Submit the photos when asked.

Sign and receive your money

Once all the paper works are done, read the terms and conditions properly. Sign the documents and get the title loans in Fort Lauderdale on the same day.

Some of the major benefits of car title loans  over other loans are:

In consideration of the credit:

Being a no credit check loans, car title loans are easy to get approved. This is because, the car being the security itself, the lender will give you the money if he thinks the money he is lending, is worth the car value. The vehicle title is transferred from the borrower to the lender and it’s a stable source of income for the lender as well. Hence Car title loans are very beneficial.

It’s a fast process

One of the major advantages of auto title loans is its easy and convenient availability. The process is really quick and sometimes the loan can be available in minutes. They just need basic documents like car papers, income and resident proof along with a valid driving license. The paper works are really easy and the money gets transferred in the same day.

You get to keep your car

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, you also get an added advantage of keeping your car, if you avail a car title loans  . The car is used as collateral just in case the borrower doesn’t pay back. You can drive your car while paying affordable monthly installments to the lender. Then once you return back the money, you get back your car title.

You will be stress-free

Nobody knows when a hard time is going to pop up, and when you will need a lump sum of money all of a sudden. Getting money through Car title loans in Fort Lauderdale will help you to keep all these stresses at bay. No matter how much emergency you have, your loan will be approved super quickly and you will get the money as early as possible.

Car Title Loans: Costs less than an advanced cash

If you are in sudden need of a surge amount of money, taking advance cash from peers and relatives puts extra pressure on your mental health. They also need to be returned back all together and that becomes an additional burden.  So getting car title loans  can actually lower the cost of your payment and you can easily pay the money back.

Title Loans Fort Lauderdale

Title Loans Fort Lauderdale

Car Title Loans may be the solution if you are struggling with a shortage of finances. Is the arrival of unexpected financial urgency spoiled your financial budget? In order to avoid your financial problems, taking out no fee title loan in Fort Lauderdale will be the favorable option if you are holding a car of your own. This is a special kind of financial service that offers quick financial assistance to the needy borrowers against the title of their car. These finances are short term in nature that allows you to borrow the money against the title of your car.

However, under this financial assistance, one should require to know that the amount that you can access is typically smaller than the value of your car. This financial service is termed as an ideal choice for the car owners who want to have a quick financial solution but do not want to secure their car as collateral itself. While taking out these finances, the applicant can have the freedom of driving his/her car anywhere without any restriction. However, before taking out any financial product, it is advised to better know the terms and conditions of the lender to take the wise decision.

Some of the significant terms and conditions connected with No Fee  are as follows:

Applicant must be the car title holder

To get approved with these finances, the applicant must hold the title of his/her car to put as collateral against the borrowed amount. The title of the automobile can only be valid to put as collateral only if the whole value of the vehicle is fully paid off. But before making the decision of obtaining these finances one must clear about the terms attached to it.

The borrowed amount may vary

The duration of this financial option is short in nature. Thus, the amount offered under these finances are small that can easily be repaid in a short time period. The amount that the applicant can access basically depends on the value of the title of your car, say it nearly about 50 percent of the car resale value that easily fits in your pocket. Therefore, the lending money may vary from lender to lender and as per the value of your automobile.

Every lender does not disclose every term

There are some of the lenders that disclose every term and condition to the loan finders to help them make the right decision. However, on the other hand, there are also some of the lenders that hide the terms to create problems for the applicant in the coming future. Thus, it is advisable for every borrower to better read and understand every term and thoroughly read the fine print of the loan deal before making any financial commitment to the lender.

Applicant has to repay the loan in a single payment

Under this loan aid, the applicant is required to pay off the borrowed amount via a single payment on the due date. Also, the borrower can discuss with the lender to adjust his repayment date on his payday date to conveniently repay it well on time. Moreover, if the applicant finds difficulty in repaying the borrowed money on time, he/she can take the advantage of using a rollover option in which an applicant may get extended time duration to pay off the loan money.

Slightly higher interest rates

The interest rates applied to these finances are slightly higher due to its small nature. Therefore, it is better for the applicant to consider the total cost of the loan before applying with it to know if it comes to your budget or not.

A title loan is a fast and legit way of raising instant emergency cash when the need for cash is urgent. It is finance that requires the exchange of your car or vehicle title as collateral for a quick loan, while you still keep possession of your car or vehicle.

Qualifying for title loans Fort Lauderdale

Provided you are a resident of Fort Lauderdale who desires to obtain quick financing and owns a car or vehicle that has your name on its title or pink slip, you are already qualified to get car title loans.

However, it is also expected that you have a steady income stream (preferably on a monthly basis) to get approval for the loan. The reason for this is so that you do not face any challenge when it comes to making regular monthly payments to pay off the title loan.

How Do You Get an Auto Title Loan in Fort Lauderdale?

Just the way any other typical loan works, you first have to approach the lender and then file a formal application for the financing. The lender, in this case, is the auto title loan company, and you can easily find a good car title loan company near you wherever you live in Fort Lauderdale.

Applying for a car title financing at any car title loans Fort Lauderdale office is fast and simple. It also will only take you about three minutes or less to do a completely online car title financing application.

Title Loans Fort Lauderdale