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We offer a variety of car title loans based on the equity in your car or we can base it simply on your credit score. If your car is paid off or almost paid off you may have equity which would qualify for car title loans also known as an auto equity loan. The beauty is you get to keep your car.


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Velocity Title Loans understands that no matter how much you plan financially, there are unforeseen circumstances that will ruin a person or a family, and if that happens, being able to get cash in a quick and legal fashion is important….which is where we come in.


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We understand the need for CASH and GOOD CREDIT. That is why we offer the following services to our clients.


Car title loans are a great way for someone to get fast cast and use the their car title as equity. Typically in a title loan you qualify for up to 85% of the equity you have in your car.


Helping you understand the status of your loans and  through the process of consolidation, rehabilitation and enrollment for these programs through education, guidance and counseling.


Velocity Credit Repair has been helping consumers protect their identity and clean their credit files since 2001 with all three of the credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.


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Every customer is important to us. We pride ourselves on customer service and are constantly working to improve the way in which we help our clients with their needs.

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Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans



When you need an immediate cash to cover your unforeseen expenses, and you are short on money, applying for a Palm Beach Gardens car title loan would be your best option. However, in case you can’t borrow money to your loved ones or if you have a poor credit history, enrolling for the standard type of loan will not be possible. By using your auto title as collateral, you will be able to have an access to an easy loan through Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans.


Frequently Asked Questions about Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans


In case this is your first time to hear about Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans, Palm Beach County Florida, and you want to know the facts related with this loan, here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions about auto title loans.


How Does It Work?


The Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans will work similarly with any types of collateral loans. With regards to the auto title loan, you are basically using the title of your car as the collateral. The lending agency will determine the amount of money that you can borrow depending on the market value of the vehicle. After you pay off the entire loan, the lender will return the auto title to you. Once you use your vehicle as collateral, the lending agency should still allow you to use your car. They should only keep the title of the vehicle until such time that you settle the cost of the loan.


What Happens If My Car Title Is Used As Collateral on Another Lending Company?


As long as your vehicle has enough equity, you will still be qualified to apply for Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans. There are instances that the lending company will be willing to entertain your request even on the off chance that the car is used to loan from the other lending company. The lending company should understand that the needs of their audience will be unique. You need to talk to them in order to understand the best course of action.

What Are the Average Interest Rates?


The interest rate will vary widely depending on the lenders. In most cases, they will prefer monthly interest rate over APR. In case you think that your loan will be outstanding for at least a year, you can simply calculate the annual rate of interest. For instance, if there is a 20% interest rate per month, this means that you need to settle a 240% annual interest. This may be a bit high, but considering the convenience and the simple process, borrowers are still willing to choose Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans.


Do We Need to Complete a Credit Check?


The lenders will not commonly require credit check in order for your Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans application to be approved. This is due to the fact that you are using the car title as a guarantee. The value of your car is what matters most in this loan, and they will not necessarily pay attention to your credit history.


Finding a good lending company that offers great terms on Palm Beach Gardens Car Title Loans is all about researching. For a lending company that is committed in offering the best option to the borrowers, be sure to check out Velocity Car Title Loans.


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